Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dang you tall Hancock...

Yep, that's it - the Hancock Tower. You can just barely see the tall antenna like thing at the top. I've had the pleasure of having drinks on two occasions with some amazing people at the 97th (or is it 98th?) floor, and aside from the hefty drink tab it's a really cool experience. I think the elevator ride takes about 30 or so seconds, and my ears popped about halfway up. The views are incredible, as are the nuncing and stink-eye involved glances required to score a seat by the window wall. Luckily this falls within my skill set. We were downtown for other reasons today however, all being the hopeful returns of several Swiss and French visas. We came back to our place victorious in what was an unheard of victory: a french visa obtained over the counter. I'm told that Manbearpig sightings are more common than this event. Had it not happened, we would have been waiting on bated breathe in hopes that it was mailed to us before we left the states. Sometimes things all fall apart and every once in awhile they all fall into place. With how stressful the last few weeks/months have been I'll take it.
Have I mentioned it's cold here? Really, really really freaking cold? The only colder temperatures I've felt were in Omaha over Christmas and New Year's where temps at night dropped to -15 degrees F. Midwest cold is a whole 'nother brand of beast.
T minus 2 weeks until the big move. Were both beyond exhausted at this point, as I think is pretty dang obvious in this picture. We haven't stopped to breathe since at least Thanksgiving, and I'm just hoping we have the chance to slow down a little bit once we've moved over and gotten over the jet lag.


  1. I'm super serial u guyssss..manbearpig really does existttt!! :) hahaha love it.

    and i now know why you love chicago so looks sooo much like philly! sidewalks are bigger..and there's snow on the ground haha. but yeah..u's a city girl for lifeeeee.

    and that mac n cheese in the previous post looked interesting..ill have to check out the recipie. definitely like the first direction they give that you mentioned ;) hahaha

    ahh good luck on your move :) it's come soo fast!!!

    ps i misssss uuuu super seriallyyyyyyyyyyy

    pps i dunno how this is gonna look once i post this ::fingers crossed it works::


  2. Haha thanks Ang! I know I'm new to this too so it's been a lot of trial and error. I've been wanting to start one for some time but no time thanks to school. And you're right, I was just discussing that with someone last night that Chicago reminds me A LOT of Philly, except it's a lot cleaner. And I miss you super serial too. :(