Thursday, April 14, 2011

Montreux Part Deux...

I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off all day, but I wanted to get this post up before too long, so here it is: part deux of our day-trip to Montreux, Suisse and our tour of the 13th century castle: Chateau Chillon!!!

[View from the Great Room/Dining Room...]

[...which happened to be right next to the torture chamber...this box was in the torture chamber...]

[Obviously safe.]

[Part of the wall is a natural rock formation...]

[This is where they pour the hot oil if an intruder gets past the first part of the stone fortress...]

[A backwards clock...]

[View from the top of Chateau Chillon...]

[Swiss Alps over Lac Leman/Lake Geneva...]

When we had arrived at the castle it had begun raining more significantly than on our walk around the lake, however, once we were done our tour of Chateau Chillon it stopped raining and the sun even came out...

Chateau Chillon and Montreux, we will be seeing you again...

A la prochain friends...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Because cancer sucks and tulips are pretty.

Yesterday, on my bike ride home from CERN, I noticed that the tulip sellers were out in a field behind the Val Thoiry/Migros. This became priority numero uno for our Saturday. We rode our bikes down the mountain and found fields of beautiful-ready-to-be-picked tulips in an array of colors. Even better yet - not only do you get 25 whole tulips (including the bulb) for 12€ or 18 CHF, but the proceeds go to fight cancer! Winner winner poulet diner!!!

So how does this whole pick-your-own-tulips jaun work you ask? Well, you show up, and a guy gives you a bucket and some scissors. Then go and pick as many tulips as you want. The final step: bring them to the guy, he counts them, you pay him - and fight cancer!!!

Step number two proved to be more difficult then we thought, but after a few tries we got the hang of pulling the tulips out of the ground with bulbs intact...

[Action shot! Trying to locate the bulb that didn't come out of the ground with the tulip...]

[Dan had to dig a few bulbs out too...]

[Success!!! First one I was able to get out without breaking the flower off of the bulb...]

Sidenote: I know, I lied. Part Deux of our Montreux day trip coming soon, promise!

Bonne week-end!

A la prochain friends...