Saturday, April 9, 2011

Because cancer sucks and tulips are pretty.

Yesterday, on my bike ride home from CERN, I noticed that the tulip sellers were out in a field behind the Val Thoiry/Migros. This became priority numero uno for our Saturday. We rode our bikes down the mountain and found fields of beautiful-ready-to-be-picked tulips in an array of colors. Even better yet - not only do you get 25 whole tulips (including the bulb) for 12€ or 18 CHF, but the proceeds go to fight cancer! Winner winner poulet diner!!!

So how does this whole pick-your-own-tulips jaun work you ask? Well, you show up, and a guy gives you a bucket and some scissors. Then go and pick as many tulips as you want. The final step: bring them to the guy, he counts them, you pay him - and fight cancer!!!

Step number two proved to be more difficult then we thought, but after a few tries we got the hang of pulling the tulips out of the ground with bulbs intact...

[Action shot! Trying to locate the bulb that didn't come out of the ground with the tulip...]

[Dan had to dig a few bulbs out too...]

[Success!!! First one I was able to get out without breaking the flower off of the bulb...]

Sidenote: I know, I lied. Part Deux of our Montreux day trip coming soon, promise!

Bonne week-end!

A la prochain friends...


  1. What a cool idea :-)
    And the strangest thing... two pink tulips have sprung up in my back garden. They are right smack dab in the middle of it. I had no idea they were there before. Quite the lovely surprise.

  2. Those tulips are all so pretty! Bonus that they benefit cancer research! :)