Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New projects and a cough that just won't quit...

I'm laid up on the futon for day 2 with what I hope is a bug on its way out, so I've spent the morning lurking on Facebook a bit. And thanks to a combo of my lurking and my facebook news feed, I've learned of a cool new seed planting initiative that Emily over at YourDailyBreeze is starting, and I've decided to jump in and collaborate with her! YourDailyBreeze, which is celebrating it's 3 year anniversary, is a sweet blog that is all about animal photography, eco-activism, and a source of information for those who want to do more. For every tweet from YDB, Emily is going to plant an organic, GMO-free seed, and for every comment by readers she is going to plant two. I've decided that to help in this effort, for every blog post I write I will plant one organic/Bio/market seed, and for every new follower I get to the blog I will plant two! I'm very excited about this new project and can't wait to keep you up to date on our efforts. Looks like the Duggan Terrace Orchard is going to be a busy place this year!

[Apricot sapling.]

A la prochain friends...


  1. Good for you honey. That is an awesome cause. I hope you feel better soon !

    It's Syreeta :)

  2. I wish I had a green thumb. Mine is the color of death. Every plant or herb I bring in here dies. It's tragic.

  3. Syreeta - thanks! I'm JUST starting to feel a little better. As long as its not the measles I'm happy though!

    Sara Louise - Plant some mint or strawberries - you seriously can't kill them. They're like zombies, they just keep coming back and spreading!