Monday, March 26, 2012

Can't keep a Philly girl quiet for long...

{Mirabelle and Reine Claude pruned cuttings with blossoms in vase}

Sorry for the silence over here at I'm an Outlaw, Not a Hero, but I am straight up exhausted. (True story.) After a solid month of entertaining and traveling Doc and I needed a little time to hibernate after what was by far one of the most fun/hilarious/tiring/cheese-filled/adventure-filled months of our just over two years in SwitzerFrance. In that month I went to Berlin to see a concert (which I believe is where I left off here on the blog), we went back up to the Jungfrau/Wengen region (no, we didn't make Doc run up the mountain this time), spent 27 hours in Madrid where we overcame fears of the Disco Llama (more to come on that later), ate raclette three times (THREE!!!) in 2.5 weeks, and tried to show off to our friends just how cool SwitzerFrance really is (after that much cheese no one can resist the SwitzerFrance charms)...I'll have plenty to post as I get back on the blogging horse, so stay tuned.

{Mirabelle Sprouts}

{Duggan Terrace Orchard, ready for Spring 2012...}

What else has been hapepening here at House of Hadron? Lots of Bikram yoga, lots of bike riding, lots of running, lots of hiking (!!!), and lots of prepping for spring in the Duggan Terrace Orchard as we've been having redonkulous fantastic weather here. I just can't argue with tank tops.

{Propagated fig tree, about 2 months old}

So, in the meantime, before I jump back into the month that was, here is a gratuitous garden post to get you in the spring mood. Poppies and mirabelle blossoms go!  

A la prochaine friends...


  1. Wow! Better have Danny Boy carry those up to the Honey Arboritum. We are eagerly awaiting your promised blogs. Jerry and Catry

  2. Sooooo jealous of your fig tree!!! I want one, toooo! I'm hoping I can get one to grow in my backyard this year!!

  3. Raclette three times in 2.5 weeks!! You are crazy. Crazy! (and will fit in perfectly in The LPV)

  4. @Jacki: Are you going to buy one, or are you going to try to propagate one yourself? If you're going to propagate it, there are a TON of fig trees in Philly, especially in South Philly for some reason, so finding one shouldn't be a problem to take a branch from. Here's the link to the tutorial I did to show you how to do it:

    If you're going to buy one, I got a few for my mom last May at Reading Terminal Market at the Fair FoodStand for $15, which isn't bad. I think it's a guy in Mount Airy in Germantown who grows them. If I can find the email address of the woman I spoke to at FFS I'll send it your way!

    @SL: I must also add that in all three instance there was no cheese remaining. NONE. The french servers in all instances were somewhat befuddled/horrified/amused.

  5. @Jacki: Mount Airy OR Germantown - whoops!