Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Oswin Takes: The Basel Christmas Market

We left Freiburg feeling pretty content. Two thirds of a great adventure was already in the books, little miss had been a total rock star the whole time, and we were coming home with some great Christmas market swag....not to mention a small stockpile of German beer. However, the question remained as we got in the car to leave Freiburg: do we test our luck and continue on to Basel, or head straight for home?

{Oswin's first time on a Swiss tram}

We weren't sure whether to make a stop in Basel because Oswin had already been SO good the whole time, and we didn't want to test our luck. We had already had two (and a half) very long days, and we were just waiting for the time bomb of infant fatigue to go off and begin to wail. 

In the end, we decided we'd kick ourselves if we drove right past a potentially sweet Christmas market... off to Basel we went. 

We did however have low expectations for what we would find in Basel, if only because Switzerland is so damn expensive. We thought maybe we could get one ornament, and maybe a gluhwein each. No sense in taking out a loan for a Christmas ornament or a pretzel, right? Our plan was really to just go to do a quick tour of Basel, and see how Switzerland does Christmas markets. 

In the end, we were very pleasantly surprised. There were actually some affordable ornaments (as well as some crazy priced ones), and we brought home not one, but THREE! We were able to each have a drink as well! It was a Swiss Christmas Market miracle! Our warm boozy beverage was not gluhwein, but something as equally delectable and with about 13 consonants in the name, which is why it is escaping me now. The market went up through the curved streets of Basel's Old Town, creating a very Christmas-like feel for our little tour. It was cute, it was cozy, it was cold - all requirements for a great Christmas market in my book. I'd even go so far as saying that Basel is now my second favorite Christmas market that I've been to, with Freiburg still being my favorite. Way to go Basel! 

We spent about two hours browsing little stands and taking in the festive lights of the city. Oswin was still a rock star. In fact, we made it all the way home without any major freak outs, save for a minor one as we were getting into the car to leave. The next day was another story however. I think we're finding out that our kid is a great traveler, but definitely, like her mama, gets a bit of an overtired-travel-hangover once she gets home. It's ok baby girl, I don't mind spending the day after trips in pyjamas with you, snuggling, and watching episodes of "Le Chat de Frankenstein." 

In fact I look forward to it. 

A la prochaine friends...


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