Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries Volume V: All the Love

{Pic via Sakura Bloom}

Doc and I are super stoked to announce that we were both picked to be sling diarists for the upcoming Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries Volume V: All the Love. 

{Collage via Sakura Bloom}

This 6 month project documents our lives babywearing and parenting, along with 16 amazing and inspiring mamas and papas. We're so honored to have been picked to be a part of this series, as we've been following along with the previous sling diaries since before Oswin was even a twinkle in our collective eyes. We've met so many supportive and amazing families through the babywearing community, and to be able to share our story along with so many amazing families is a dream come true. 

{Collage via Sakura Bloom}

My entries will be posted right here on the blog, and Dan's will be on instagram @outlawnotahero. You can follow along with us and the other sling diarists by searching the hashtag #slingdiariesallthelove on instagram, or by checking out Sakura Bloom's website or facebook page. Dan and I are so excited to continue to share our journey of expat parenthood with all of our longtime readers, and our new friends as well. 

Did you miss our Sakura Bloom sling diary auditions? Want a look see? We were asked to write on the theme of courage, and my post can be found here, while Dan's post can be found here. 

Thanks for following along with our crazy adventures all these years blog friends, you truly make blogging worthwhile for this little family of ours.

A la prochaine friends...



  1. such great news!! congrats on the feature, so excited to see what comes from it. happy slinging!

    1. Thanks Taylor! This is seriously a dream come true for me. I was so nervous all day Friday waiting to find out who was going to be picked!