Monday, June 9, 2014

When weekends don't go as planned.

It happens to all of us, right? Whether child-full or child-less, the best laid plans can often go to merde. And that was this weekend. 

This last week, if you couldn't tell from the radio silence over here on the blog, was just a bear. I mean a big ole pissed off bear...that is possibly hungry. And saw you making eyes at one of its cubs. With a shotgun.

And we were, and are, as a result, just plain exhausted. 

So, instead of taking advantage of all that we had planned for our big three day weekend (it's a holiday today in France and Switzerland), we've spent the past three days trying to get our heads right, and rested. Lots of coffee, lots of Netflix, lots of list making and plan scheming.   

In other news, Oswin has had a big week herself. It's not everyday that you turn 8 months old. The last few days have been busy for her too, as she's enacted a strict exercise routine of rolling from her back to her belly every chance she gets, and then crying when she can't figure out how to roll back. 

She's also starting to figure out how to crawl. She's got the whole crawling backwards thing down, and I imagine that she'll be crawling forward in about ten minutes. We've already lowered the mattress a level, but if she's anything like I was, it isn't going to stop her. I climbed out of my crib at 11 months, climbed on top of the changing table, and proclaimed loudly for my mother (who was in the kitchen) and all to hear "Jump mama jump!" I did not jump, as my mother plucked me off the changing table before I got my little chubby legs going, but I think I would have been awesome at it. So, there you have it. The gauntlet has been thrown little one. You've got three months. Beat that. 

I keed, I keed. No really, seriously, please don't.  I'd like to avoid having a heart attack at 32. 

Regardless, we're officially in high alert for all of the baby hazards I'm sure we haven't found yet in the house. So that looks like my week sorted: baby proofing for daysssss....

As a result of everyone just being so tired, and the weather hitting 94 degrees F on Saturday, we're resting up and trying to get our bearings back so we can tackle this week. After all, we've got big plans for this coming weekend. Here's to a hopefully kitty of a week and best laid plans doing exactly what they're supposed to!

A la prochaine friends..



  1. oh my god! my heart just melt looking at her picture like that. sooo cute.

  2. It's a good thing they're cute, hey? Is she in one of her wonder weeks, perhaps?

    1. It's funny, it's more like Dan and I were in a wonder week! She was fine and ready for whatever, and I was cranky and needed lots of naps. Ha!