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Road Trip Essentials: German Christmas Market

Road Trip Essentials: German Christmas Market

Road Trip Essentials: German Christmas Market by outlawnotahero 

Tomorrow morning we're heading out on a road trip to Freiburg, Germany for the Freiburg Christmas Market. Out of all of the Christmas Markets that we have been to (so far) while living abroad, this is by far our favorite. Dan and I are prepared to eat our weight in pretzels and brats...with perhaps a side of spaetzel and raclette. There will be big beers and gluhwein and hot cocoa in pretty festive mugs, and gorgeous handmade ornaments at stand after stand. But before we get there, I should really get packing, shouldn't I? Here is a little list of some of our Road Trip Essentials for road tripping to a German Christmas Market...and some that fall on my wishlist.

We've had a really warm last few months, but I'm hoping for some chilly temps once we get to Freiburg. That red little pom pom hat would do a great job in keeping Oswin's teeny little head warm through it all. That grey coat from Zara and little Ugg boots would not only keep my toddler stylish, but toasty as well.

A Sakura Bloom sling is great for zipping around the crowds at the Christmas market, and will also help to keep Oswin not only warm, but in the action...which is her favorite place to be.

A German phrase book would be helpful since Dan and I speak only a little bit of German between the two of us, and if we're getting a book for us, it's only fair that we get one for Oswin as well. "Where is my Pere Noel" seems like it'd be most fun of the two...

That wool buffalo plaid blanket greatly resembles the one that we'll be bringing with us on this trip, and since it's a well loved blanket it will help Oswin to have something familiar in a non-familiar place.

Can I just have that Montague leather weekender bag from J.Crew? Oh it's just so pretty and classy. Nothing makes me feel more like a jet setting weekender than a well packed and classy weekender bag.

Christmas jammies! What better way to get into the spirit of the Christmas market than with some stripey Christmas jammies! These from Hanna Andersson are so cute on Oswin, and I may or may not have a matching pair, though not in onesie form. (And let me tell, they are the most comfortable pjs I own...if ya know, I were to possibly have matching ones...)

This Guava Family Travel Pac n' Play has been a bit of lifesaver to us lately. We use it all the time in our living room, and it folds up really quickly when we need to put it away. It also folds up into a little backpack and weighs only 11 lbs., so it's great to travel with.

A pretzel bottle opener from Anthropologie, because we'll be in the land of big pretzels and big beers...

It can be hard to figure out what toys/books make the cut for the trip: you don't want to bring everything that your child plays with on a daily basis, but some favorite toys can be a big help for both kiddo and parents. We are BIG fans of Humblehouse Handmade dolls in this house (Oswin has three!), and this Santa would be great to tag along with us across the border...

...and finally, a few things for Mama. A pair of bright red leather gloves would be great to up the class factor, along with that camel colored wool coat, both from J.Crew. (Especially when you're hiding the fact that your kid just sneezed their lunch all over your shirt...) And speaking of concealing, this Longchamp bag has been my go-to lately: it's stylish, but more importantly, it's nylon. No worries of stains, it's large enough to hold a diaper clutch, wallet, sling, DSLR, etc., and no one's the wiser if you just wiped spilled milk from the inside of it.

Other than that, please think good thoughts to the travel Gods as we embark on our journey tomorrow. We'll be eating boulangerie treats and listening to Czech polka as we go, and I'll probably be holding my breathe out of fear of fast cars passing us on the autobahn. There are a few other things I'd add to this list, but I already covered them in my Road Trip Essentials: Italian Road Trip post a few months back, and I didn't want to double dip. So no fears, most of the things listed in that post will be coming along for this ride as well...maybe not the sunhat though.

How about you? What are your go-to's for a road trip? Have I missed anything?

A la prochaine friends...


PS: This is not a sponsored post. These are all things that I happen to dig, and thought you might too.

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