Monday, August 1, 2011

American girl/French girl.

My parents have arrived and we've been out and about exploring our little section of France for the last few days. Honestly I think they would be happy if we just walked along the countryside for the next 2 weeks, without any day trips or anything! Yesterday one of our walks was down to our shopping center in the Val Thoiry (i.e. the mall that the 80's left behind), and wouldn't you know it, the SOLDES was still going on...

Thanks to the SOLDES, (and the generosity of mon parents), I was able to pick up two pretty sweet pairs of new kicks. The first pair, red Bensimmons, which have been labeled by many as the "french girls Converse," (I disagree though, I think they're the french girls Keds...), are a long time coming. I've been wanting a pair since before we moved abroad, and I'm now feeling uberly french wearing these little red numbers today.


And these little babies - oh yeah!!!

Don't act like you don't love'em. Talk about one side of the spectrum to the other. Now if only I can find a pair with the French flag on it, and then I can wear one of each. Straight up stylin'.

C'mon Converse, make it happen.

A la prochaine friends...


  1. I'm loving on your kicks! And you're right, they're are French Keds, not Converse.
    I seriously need those starry Converse! I WANT THEM!

  2. They're from Beryl - can you believe they were 50% off?! Absurd (but the best kind)!

  3. I am not generally into shoes at all but I will have to say they are quite cute; like the starry Converse.

  4. I've come up with a solution to my problem of not being able to find French flag chucks, now to procure the materials...bwahaha!!!

  5. The Bensimon in red totally rock! I should get that colour. I bought the salmony pink for this summer and wear them almost daily!

  6. Yes - come on, Converse. I'd mix and match too - British, Belgian, American...