Sunday, September 2, 2012

4 months.

When I was home for my birthday back in April, I convinced my parents to let me plant two of our potted fig trees in the yard. As you all know I'm a little obsessed with fig tree propagation, but I had never planted a fig tree in the ground before.

The fig trees were bought the spring before from The Fair Foodstand at Reading Terminal Market in Philly. They were propagated by a guy in Germantown (a neighborhood in Philly), so they are locally grown. They were also a decent price at $15 a pop, which is a nice alternative if you're not interested in propagating your own. I believe they are available at the Fair Food Stand every May, and if you get there early you can buy different varieties. I bought a brown turkey and a Negronne variety.
{Negronne Figuier}
{Brown Turkey Figuier}
I planted these two guys on May 2nd, and now on September 2nd look how big they have gotten!
{Negronne Figuier}
{Brown Turkey Figuier}

No figs this year, but they've got little fig embryos alluding to a fig crop for next year. Just hoping they're strong enough to handle the upcoming hurricane season...

A la prochaine friends...


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