Thursday, September 6, 2012

God Bless 'Merica Moment of the Day: Bulk

Yes, I was the "foreigner" in the Sam's Club taking pictures because I was amazed by the obese sized shopping carts, lines, and bulk containers of toilet paper, halloween candy (I was tempted), and slim fast bars (Soap box moment alert: Just eat real food people! End Soap Box moment). Shopping for Bikram Yoga Teacher Training is feeling a lot like leaving for Penn State 12 *cough* years ago, with things like a Brita Water Pitcher and a laundry hanging rack on my shopping list. Things not on my shopping list when I was 18? Electrolyte supplements, chia seeds, coconut water, cranberry caffeine free tea bags...
I think I'm getting old.
A la prochaine friends...

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  1. Oh how I miss bulk! But, if I was able to shop bulk here, I wouldn't have anyplace to keep the stuff anyway. So maybe that's why there's no bulk in France, because there's no place to keep the stuff.