Friday, February 1, 2013

Trip planning.

It's been raining non-stop here in SwitzerFrance, which has been the perfect opportunity to start trip planning for 2013. So far we've got trips booked for a weekend in Edinburgh (Scotland) at the end of March, and day trips to Lyon (France) and Bern (Switzerland) in the next few weeks. I've been wanting to see the Paul Klee museum in Bern since we moved here, as well as the Einstein house, so we're hoping to fit both in.

{No filter. Hello grey season.}

{Viva la France!}
Any suggestions for Edinburgh, Lyon or Bern? I'm all ears!
This has also made me realize that with all of the craziness and stress of Bikram Yoga Teacher Training this fall, I never had the opportunity to share the pre-teacher-training-moon that we took to the Italian Riviera/hiking on Mont Blanc before I left! So keep an eye out for that...

What else is new? Well, things have been pretty quiet around here, but it's pretty exciting to me that we'll offiically be in the french census system now!

A la prochaine friends...

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