Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Oswin's First Chrismukkah Tree.

On Sunday, we ventured out to find some serious holiday spirit, by way of Chrismukkah tree shopping and our town's annual Christmas market! I've married into a family that takes their trees very seriously, so this is always a big day for us. 

I also couldn't resist picking up this guy, because he's Oswin sized! It's a live tree in soil that I'm hoping will grow year to year with her. (Well, at least until we eventually move back to the states and plant it on the mountain...) 

Our town's Christmas market is small, but cute. A lot of the people in the town have tables with handmade goods, and the others work at the food stand serving up Vin chaud, frites and good conversation. We always pick up some of our favorite honey from the local honey guy, marshmallows from a local patisserie guy, and this year picked up a beautiful handmade candlestick made out of cut wine bottles from a friend. 

With a car full of holiday cheer we headed home for a cozy Sunday of cooking and football, which is really our favorite way to spend a Sunday. 

We haven't been able to decorate the tree just yet, and that may have to wait until this weekend since our Little Miss has decided that daytime napping is no longer for her. This protest against the tyranny of naps began 3 days ago, and she's been holding her position strong since then. But really, if she doesn't stand up against these injustices, who will? 

Yes, she's a very political 8 week old.

A la prochaine friends...


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