Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oswin takes Annecy.


Today has me going through pictures of the last few weeks with some serious nostalgia. My parents trip went by so fast, and now all of a sudden we're just a few weeks away from Christmas? How did this happen?!

And furthermore, how is this cute little dragon 8 weeks old?!

{On Lac Annecy}
When my parents come out to visit, we typically stick pretty close to home, as all my parents want to do is go for walks around our house, spend time with us, and perhaps do a day in Geneva. This trip however, we finally convinced them that we should take a day trip to one of our favorite French cities, Annecy.

Annecy is known as the "Venice of France," and is about a 45 minute to an hour drive from where we live in SwitzerFrance. It's one of those places that always makes us wonder "why don't we come here every weekend?"

{Three Generations}
I was pleasantly surprised to see how much fun my parents had strolling around the canal filled town, and walking along the lake. We checked out a few clothing stores and made a few purchases at my favorite ceramics store (which my mom LOVED). It was nice to show them a part of France that is different from the rural village that we live in.

Yep, that's my mom with her face literally pressed up against the boulangerie window. The only other time you'll see this from her is when walking past a Louis Vuitton store... 

We stopped for cinnamon hot chocolate (!!!) and treats at a boulangerie called "Le Péché Mignon," and I can't wait to go back. Not only was the hot chocolate delicious, the treats tasty, and the candies that we took home to die for, but this CEILING! Are you serious?! In other news I'm now lusting after chandeliers like whoa, and need one for our bedroom and Oswin's room. Because not only should all little girls (and their mama's) have fresh flowers in their bedrooms, but a chandelier wouldn't hurt either. Let the flea market chandelier search begin I say!   

And what, I ask, is it with France and little mouse shaped treats? I really don't get it, but would like to. Anyone care to weigh in?

My dad is hard to read in these situations, but I think he enjoyed walking around the old streets of Annecy as well. Honestly, he'd be happy walking to Migros twice a day for each day of their trip (because that's essentially what he did), but after three trips to visit us in SwitzerFrance, we really wanted to show him something new. In true Big Mitch fashion however, his reaction to Annecy?
"This ain't no different than Philly..."
{Face palm.}
Oh well. Looks like the wanderlust bug still hasn't bitten him yet.

Oswin was a total rockstar for the 3 or 4 hours that we were in Annecy, as it was cold and crowded. She didn't get fussy until we were getting ready to leave, which prompted our first side of the road diaper change. (In her defense, we probably should have done that before leaving Annecy. We're still learning...) I think I should get a girl scout badge for that one though.
Once we got home, we settled in for the night in really the only way we know how after a cold day out and about: cheese. We decided on fondue to warm up from our day out in the cold, and simultaneously give my parents their first real French fondue experience. College football was just starting, which is actually one of the perks of living abroad - you can have a full day of activities before sitting your tush on the couch for football. Dan got to prepping the fondue, I poured us some Bugey white wine, and Oswin spent the rest of the night snuggling with Bubbee and Poppy. Not a bad way to spend your first day road tripping in France, for both Oswin and my parents, if I do say so myself.
Have you ever been to Annecy? Any favorite spots we should hit up on our next visit?
A la prochaine friends...

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  1. I love your Dad's reaction to Annecy, it sounds like something mine would have said :)
    And that ceiling!!! To die for!