Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good-bye dinner in Geneva...

On Thursday night we went out into Geneva for a going away dinner for one of our CERN buddies. It was a really cute little restaurant called La Trattoria with awesome old Italian records hanging from the ceiling. On top of the cuteness the pizza was delcious! We'll miss you Alexey!!!


The weather finally seems to be cooling off around here after a couple of days in the 90's (hot for our region of France). I've been assured by a real french woman who lives in Thoiry that summer will truly be over on August 15th, so here's hoping. It wouldn't be so bad if the french believed in air conditioners and fans, but alas these remain truly mystical creatures that apparently have only been seen back in the States. Hope youse're all keeping cool back home!

Have a rosey weekend! (Wah-wahhhh...)

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