Thursday, July 22, 2010

Les puces des Plainpalais...

It was hot hot hot and sunny at the flea at Plainpalais yesterday. One of those days where it's just so hot and sunny that you don't even want to search through all of the boxes for that one magical vintage tea cup that you know will change your life. The prices were also a bit higher than normal as it's officially tourist season in the market circles. Despite the heat I was able to come away with some sweet finds like a "milking stool" that I had my eye on for some time before it had disappeared into the flea market vortex (though I'm told it's actually a stool to play the piano with), a set of six Ricard glasses, a vintage cermanic bundt pan, a sweet vintage pitcher, and a tea towel with the recipe for Haggis on it (Burns Night here we come!).

And as per usual, some skateparklove. I heart Geneva.

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