Thursday, July 15, 2010

We're back baby!!!

Well, after almost three months of virtually no connection (get it?) to the outside world, I can officially say that we have been connected to the interwebs for a full 2 days now! As a result, the blog is back up and running and will be updated often from this point out. I'll post more on some of what we've been getting into the last three months as I get myself caught up, but for now here's a little of what you may have missed while we were trapped in the stone ages...

We moved from Ferney-Voltaire to Thoiry, France...

We had a Fete d'Housewarming...zombie games were played...

Sidenote: Unfortunately we chose to have the party on May Day, on which day (unbeknownest to us) the entire country closes...which almost resulted in us not being able to provide any food or drink for our guests until the amazing JimmyDegs came through with a car and a passport...thanks buddy!

We went to Paris in May for a belated Co-Birthday celebration.

[Dan's best Philly Phace...]

And we've had two trips stateside in a one month period for my graduation from grad school and for Dan to work at the lab in Chicago...

And now we're back in Thoiry. With our interwebs. With our market. With our plants. With eachother.

And we couldn't be happier.

(Thanks to Kim Strom for the above picture from the best Bastille Day ever!!!)

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