Friday, October 8, 2010


Fall is finally coming to our little village, and in a big way. The leaves are finally a rainbow of colors, and the mountains just look unreal. Well, when you can see the mountains that is...

[Dracula fog, what have you done with the JURA!]

This was what it looked like today as I walked to the grocery store. I turned back to look at the mountains and alas, they were nowhere to be found!

The chickens don't seem to mind....

And neither do the cows...

I think the Dracula clouds are in cahoots with the horse, he looks menacing...

[Picture not taken today, as the Jura have clearly not been abducted by the Dracula clouds yet...]

[Freshly picked figs...]

[Crustless pumpkin pie that we decided to start making at 10 pm last night...meaning, we started roasting a pumpkin at 10 pm...]

And now on to another adventure this weekend - canning! I bought some jars today to try to make some fig confiture, and maybe even a little fig-cayenne pepper confiture. Fingers crossed and Happy Day 2 of the Phillies in the NLDS everyone!

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  1. "...meaning, we started roasting a pumpkin at 10 pm..."
    This cracks me up! A lot.