Tuesday, October 5, 2010


We've had some harvestin' going down oh yes we have...

[Cayenne Peppers...]


I packed our front planter to beejeezus and back, and it looks like everything has grown. Swiss chard, beets, several cayenne pepper plants, basil plants, radishes, chives, and some great looking parsley. On the patio upstairs our strawberry plants keep creepin' and giving us a few strawberries a week, and we've got two eggplants growing. Oh yeah and this...

A little apricot plant, grown from seed, poked it's head out of the soil on Sunday. Welcome to the world little apricot plant!


  1. You're putting my one cilantro plant to shame. But I am planning on getting a jalepeno plant real soon.
    cilantro + jalepeno = mexican food

  2. That's our thinking exactly! Of the food we miss the most its cheesesteaks, mexican food, and chicago style pizza. I've been trying to grow jalapenos unsuccessfully all summer, but our cayenne peppers are growing like crazy! If you jalapeno works send me some jalapenos and I'll send you some cayenne!