Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random acts of kindness...

Just as I was finishing up my last post, an amazing thing happened: the doorbell rang and I opened it. Which is crazy, because being a city girl I *never* open the door when I'm home alone. Never. For the record (mom), I only opened the door because I'm expecting a package, and thought it was the post lady. However, it was not the post lady, but instead it was our landlord's mother, with a TRUNK full of cherries (on their branches still) for us. I was so touched than I then tried to hug her, and since the french don't really *hug*, we ended up with a somewhat awkward kiss-kiss-kiss moment. (I'm sure she'll get over it). Either way, I heart our village.

We've had a few random acts of kindness moments extended towards us within the last few days, from a Botanic cashier randomly using his employee 20% discount for us, to a free bottle of cidre at the vegetable stand at the Thoiry market on Sunday, and now a heap of cherries from our landlord's mother. Maybe this is a good time for me to hand out my first of five Pay It Forward gifts of 2011...Warm and fuzzy feelings abound!!!

A la prochain friends...


  1. Haha love your shoutout to your mom. My mom would have thought the same thing. Such a kind gesture!

    ps. i'm going back to philly in july :(

  2. How wonderful! I love moments like that when you feel so much " good" around you. :)

  3. @Brenna: Have the greatest time back in the glorious city of the Killadelph! My heart still beats to the chimes of that liberty bell whenever the Phils win. Look forward to Phils games, good beer, humidity, pretzels, Rita's, summer festivals, BRUNCH (!!!), and cheeseteaks and hoagies. And once you get your fill, France will still be here waiting for your next visit. :) Have a great move back and KIT!!! (And have a few Tony Luke's for me....)

    @La Franglaise: Our neighbors definitely make us feel a little more at home, and it always seems to be on a day when I could really use it! :)