Monday, July 25, 2011

Physicists with guitars.

...and some in latex pants and spiked collars. "But Honey," you may be pondering, "when do physicists have time in their busy black hole creating schedules to even make a trip to 'Hot Topic' to buy latex pants and spiked collars, and are there even any 'Hot Topic' stores IN France?" Well friends, these are questions that may need to be left unanswered, but we can take comfort in knowing that these events have happened and enjoy their results.

Welcome to the CERN Hardronic Festival 2011.

Now, don't get your hopes up, not every band was out there on that cold and rainy Saturday night sporting goth gear. There were plenty of long leather dusters to be found throughout the crowd though, and on many of the volunteers at the event.

[There's Dean on the right playing bass...]

I was really surprised with the talent of some of the bands this year (all made up of physicists and engineers from CERN), and was excited to see our friend Dean's band, "A.W.E.S.O.M.E" rock out with some covers by "The Smiths" and George Michael, as well as a few originals in the set...

And on came the latex pants. And the spiked collar. Not gonna lie, I was not sure how much I would like "Data Fail" as I'm not really into goth music, but they ended up being pretty awesome.

And I've never been one to argue with fabulous accessories...


A few hours of music, outside, on the grounds of an international laboratory, with good friends, beer, frites and a little rain = not a bad Saturday night in France.

A la prochaine friends...

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