Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Tutorial Follow-Up, Trebek: Propagating Fig Trees DIY

Remember a ways back when I wrote a post about the way in which you can propagate a fig tree from an existing one? Yeah neither do I, but luckily a few of our readers do, and have asked me for an update on the state of those fig branches that I used in the post. Well, voila!

{They're ALIVE!}

All 6 branches were successful in rooting and growing leaves. Hooray! Within 3 - 5 weeks each showed signs of life, at which point I moved them from the garage to the terrace orchard. No figs yet, but since we seem to have skipped summer and gone straight to November, that's kind of to be expected for such wee little arbres. (At least that's what google tells me...)

Have any of you tried to propagate fig trees yet in your neck of the woods? Tell me all about it!

A la prochaine friends...

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