Wednesday, July 27, 2011

San Lorenzo Street Market: Firenze

Welcome back to Honey and Ang's Excellent Italian Adventure: Florence Edition. We started out our second day in Florence at the San Lorenzo street market, with stalls full to the brim of hats, silk scarves, leather everything, and touristy trinkets.

{Hi Ang!}

{Belt man cutting a large belt to a smaller size for me! Yeah for belts that are custom fit!]}

We each bought a few things in the morning, and one of my favorite haggles was my sweet new brown leather belt. After taking a loop of the market I got an idea of what I could reasonably haggle a vendor down to (because a lot of the stands in the San Lorenzo market have exactly the same items), and was able to then haggle him down by almost 30€ - sweet!

After our morning of shopping, we found a little outdoor food market where I had some figs and susine plums for a snack, and bought Doc some hot dried peppers (he eats them gummy bears). It was then that we stumbled upon a really cool wine store: Divino.

At Divino you buy one of their empty bottles in a number of different sizes, pick the wine you'd like to fill it with, and you're good to go! It was kind of like taking a growler to a Brewery, but with many different size options...

But the choices weren't just limited to white and red wine - you could fill your bottles up with prosecco or red wine vinegar as well...


They also had one of my all-time favorite fridge designs, SMEG. How amazing is it? And the color! To make it even more lovely, there was a little yellow canary in a birdcage just chillin out on top of the fridge.

Not sure how Doc would feel about having a baby pink colored fridge though...

It was hot and we were hungry, so after filling quite a few bottles of wine we grabbed a little lunch to bring back to the hotel before heading back out for a few last minute things at the street market below...

{View from our hotel of the Duomo and the market...}

Once it came time for dinner, we found a cute little place at the backend of the Duomo on the piazza, and were ready for some good eats. Turns out we picked a good place, because while waiting to order we met two American backpackers, Amanda and Laura, who had bypassed their plans of going to Amsterdam to instead take an overnight train to Florence so that they could eat at this restaurant, which they had eaten at a week or so before, again. I had also planned on ordering the gorgonzola gnocchi with truffle oil, which is exactly what they were having as well, and I was not disappointed.

Behold! Gorgonzola gnocchi in truffle oil. It was so good that its memory is actually painful to me. I now see why Amanda and Laura took an overnight train for it. We actually ate there two nights in a row it was so good (though the service left a little to be desired), and I can't wait to go back.

Next up in Honey and Ang's Excellent Italian Adventure: 20€ worth of Florence Culture.

A la prochaine friends...

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  1. Loved the San Lorenzo market when I was there! I got an awesome black leather belt and a huge cashmere scarf that I worship during the winter.

    Seeing your pics makes me wish I was back there right now!