Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good-bye oompa band...

Following the festivities of the disco, we headed out Sunday morning for our village's weekly market. And to my surprise, the oompa band was there for one more performance! They played some traditional music, as well as "Surfin' USA," "Barbara Ann," and a whole ABBA tribute (which made Dan very happy).

The temperature has changed very quickly here, and it seems most of the mosquitos have died off as a result. We are definitely in the very pleasant grip of some fall weather and Sunday was no exception...

I've been sick for the better part of two weeks, and our neighbor Tanja bought me flowers on Sunday as a get well present - isn't she sweet?

It was definitely cool/weird shopping at the legume stand while listening to the oompa band play songs from "Mama Mia..."

And thank God the lard was on sale...

[The Phanatic is so excited about the Phils clinching the NL East for the fourth year in a row that he can't take his eyes away from the standings...]

There were more fete-related activities going on that afternoon, like another parade and some confetti balloon launching thing, but to be honest we were fete-ed out. So instead we had a big Sunday lunch and had a movie day - nothing like a little zombies ("Day of the Dead"), classic Robert Redford ("Three Days of the Condor"), and cult classics ("Omega Man") to finish out a chilly autumn Sunday.

Sidenote: Thanks to Kira for the suggestion of "Omega Man" - the first half was a definite nod to "Last Man on Earth" with Vincent Price, and then the second half takes a very weird turn that I totally dug.

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