Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy College Football Eve and Weekend!!!

Pic via here.

Hello friends! What have you got planned for this weekend? It's a busy weekend here in Thoiry as tonight begins the annual "Salon des Vins," and I'm way excited. I am however feeling the pangs of not being able to watch the first day of College football with a pumpkin beer in hand, as per usual. So whatever you're getting into this weekend, be it some football, Kegs-N-Eggs, or a hurricane party (I'm looking at you Jersey!), have a great one. Oh, and one last thing...


[Caos x 2...]

[The guys and I with Morelli, who the next year would take the reins as QB...]


[Linebacker U]

All pics and video from November 20, 2004's win over Michigan State for the Land Grant Trophy...and my last game as a student...damn I'm old.

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  1. These are happy happy fun photos!
    God I miss college (a million years ago!!)