Monday, September 27, 2010

So, where do all the high schools girls hang out?

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The answer to that question is undeniably Cartigny, Suisse. No one told us this however before we ventured out on dark country roads, over the river, and across the border to Suisse for the CartiGlobe Beer Festival on Friday night. I tend to base the projected awesomeness of things based on their advertising poster, and CartiGlobe had an awesome poster, as you can see above. In addition to the sexy nun, this poster, as you can see, has words on it. These words translate to "admission 5€, no one under the age of 18." I can now email those poster creators and tell them of a crucial typo in their work, which was that there was actually no one OVER the age of 18 there. Well, besides us. And of course, the Suisse guards patting the adolescents down before they entered the cage that was the CartiGlobe Beer Fest. (I shit you not, there was a 6 foot tall fence enclosing the joint...) So, Dan, Marc, Kira and I stood outside in the chilly fall night air trying to figure out if we were indeed too old for this fete, (because who knows, maybe the adults were all inside drinking delicious artisan beer already), until Dan finally asked one of the guards what the demographics of the fete were looking like inside. Yeah, same as outside. So, we took our old selves back to the car and headed back to France - no beer, a little colder, but excited to go somewhere and be around people who were old enough to drive.

[Old heads.]

[Younger old heads.]

So to Charlie's Pub in St. Genis we went! It was nice to go and just sit at a bar and have a drink with friends, as we haven't done that in a quite a long time (May in Philly to be exact!). And everyone appeared to be at least 20, so that was a win-win for us. Two Laguvilin's later and it was time for our old selves to get home so we could be up and ready for the fetes going down in Thoiry the rest of the weekend where torches would abound!

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