Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cat burglarin'...

As most of you know, I come from the city of Brotherly Love - Philadelphia, PA, USA. It is a city of extreme passion for our sports teams, a love of cheesesteaks and pretzels, and unfortunately, a lot of crime and violence. From a young age (even when we weren't living IN the city) I was taught to put my keys between my fingers when walking at night, to avoid certain streets, and to not answer the door when home alone. And after having moved back to the city post-college for 5 years before our move abroad, it's made certain aspects of french living more difficult to integrate than others may have experienced in their introduction to expat-ness. For example, when people stand too close to me in Migros, I instantly am on my guard and check to see if my wallet is missing from my purse, because I'm obviously about to be jumped. (Obviously.) But one thing that living in Philly didn't prepare me for?

Cat burglars.

Yep, cat burglars. Like as in a sequel to "Home Alone" cat burglars.
As in releasing sleeping gas in your window cat burglars.
Who then steal your stuff.
And then leave.
Crazy, right?

What I find even more bizarre is that now that the city is getting festooned for the coming holiday, the most common decoration that I've seen on houses?

Yep, cat burglarin' Santas.
You've got a weird sense of humor french people.

A la prochain friends...

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  1. The cat burlarin Santa always kills me! Since when does he break into house through windows???