Wednesday, December 22, 2010

London bound...

Pic via here.

Today is a very busy day at Chez Duggan, as CERN officially closes this afternoon until after the New Year (no more protons, no more books!), we're finishing up our own last minute decorations for the holiday, *and* we're packing our bags for our 5 day Christmas trip to London. So dear friends, I've never been to London before, what do I need to see/do/eat? Anything off-the-beaten-path you can suggest? Anything on-the-beaten-path you can suggest? I may be a "Lonely Planet" junkie, but I love getting personal travel advice even more!

A la prochain friends...

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  1. I wish I could give you advice but every time I go I stay with cousins and don't do anything fantastic. But, even though I'm sure Harrods is on your list, you HAVE to go. The shoe hall is what dreams are made of. The Tower of London and the Changing of the Guards are both worth a visit as well.
    And, I'll be looking forward to hear about your trip, because we're going to try to go in March, but do a proper London trip, so I'd love to hear of anything new you may see.
    Have a great time! Joyeux Noel xo