Sunday, December 5, 2010

Won't you be my sledgehammer?

A few weeks back, at the end of October, Dan and I headed into Geneva, Suisse to hit up the flea market one last time before heading back to the US for Thanksgiving (for me) and work (for him). It was my absolute favorite weather, chilly and grey. And in the end we had some surprising finds...

[Sweet purchase #1: A Davos wooden sled, circa 1950s...]

We got Dan "his" first real flea market find, a sweet sledgehammer. Even better than the sweet sledgehammer was watching him carry it around Geneva for the rest of the day...

Les puces was followed by crepes at Cafe St. Pierre, right next to St. Pierre's Cathedral in Geneva, and made for a fantastic finish to the day...

And of course, on the way home, we needed to stop in COOP to pick up a few things for dinner...which meant that our sled, sledgehammer, and other various les puces wares also made the trip to COOP with us. We realized security might not actually let us through the market with the sledgehammer in tow, so I waited by the registers while Dan did a quick run around the store. It's amazing the funny looks and giggles that you get from people while standing in the middle of the supermarket with a very heavy and old sledgehammer. I mean, it's just a sledgehammer people. And wouldn't you think it's maybe not the best idea to make fun of a girl who is standing by herself in a supermarket wielding a sledgehammer? Especially when that girl's from Philly?


  1. OMG a Jersey plate!!! Glad you documented that ;-) How's the Bikram European style going?

  2. Thanks Jen! Sorry we missed you and your lady when we were home! One day our paths will meet! As for the Bikram, I start tomorra, that is if I can make it through the jetlag! I'm much better at traveling Westbound than Eastbound...

  3. I'd love to know the story behind the NJ plate, how very random!