Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tartiflette night...

It's time to keep up/catch up! Dang we had a busy weekend. I'm rather impressed with us (cue pats on backs) for how much we were able to see/do/eat in just over a 48 hour period. So where to start? It all started with two tartiflette's...

[Tartiflette's not pictured here.]

[Le Tartiflette chef.]

Have you ever had tartiflette dear friends? If you haven't you're missing out and should make some stat! It's a regional dish here in France and Switzerland, and one is supposed to eat a ton of it after a day of skiing on the mountain. It is traditionally made with a regional cheese here known as Reblochon, but if you're not currently residing in a cheese heavy alpine region, sub in some gooey cow's milk cheese and that'll do that trick. Throw that, some potatoes, onions, lardon (bacon will do just fine), some Apremont wine (a dry white wine will work), cream, and bake it in the oven. Voila! Delicious, rib sticking and hearty winter weather food. (Traditionally it's also served with a green salad to help with digestion...) Check out more on tartiflette here.

[Vegan chocolate cupcakes by Kim over at fieldfare...]

[Peanut butter cookies by Maura over at Pardon My French...]


[Les Duggans.]

After dinner and many empty bottles of wine and general booze, the usual happened:

[Game time - HUA!!!]

We played some board games. Typically it's a zombie board game, but this time we decided to diversify our nerdom and go for some "Munchkin."

Next up: Christmas trees and Soupe de Noel...

A la prochain friends...


  1. Oh my goodness... my friend lives in Switzerland and tells me stories on the massive amounts of cheese. I can't handle it. :) haha! But if you ever whip out some of that delicious french wine or swiss chocolate... I'm in. :)

  2. Now you know how I feel about my cheese! Gotta bake a tartiflette!
    And I love your game photos, all smiles and empty bottles, just as a weekend should be :-)

    (and by the way... I totally thought E.Leclerc had something to do with electricity or appliances or something. It's an odd name for a grocery store)

  3. Aspiring Kennedy: Yeah we used two wheels of Reblochon on those puppies! And we always keep a backup bar of swiss chocolate - I get grumpy otherwise!

    Sara Louise: The next morning I was cursing the fact that we didn't make three tartiflette's (instead of two) for 9 people - I wanted leftovers for breakfast!

  4. Great post! I love tartiflette's. I have made it with substitutes but I really want to make it with Reblochon which we can't really get here in California. I will have to put it on the menu for when we are back in France next week.