Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Two hours in America.

Happy mardi everyone! How was your weekend? We had a great weekend here in SwitzerFrance, complete with double Bikram classes for me on Saturday in Geneva, Beer Mac 'n Cheese (recipe soon to follow), the Sunday Thoiry Market, and spending two hours in "America."

But how did we spend two hours in America you ask?

CERN Softball - played at the marine barracks outside Geneva...technically American soil.

And by "technically American soil" I mean paying for american beer in american dollars (or CHF, or euro if you negotiate), while listening to a New York radio station, and watching a bunch of scientists play a bunch of Cubans in softball...and because the marine barracks are there too I guess...

{Not American beer.}

{Hey, I can see Lac Leman from America!}

Oh, and then there's this:


FORD Monster trucks, en plus. Could Sunday have been any more 'merican if we tried?

Hope you all had an equally awesome weekend!

A la prochaine friends...

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  1. I could use two hours in America myself. And I'll take a Sam Adams please.