Monday, July 9, 2012

When life hands you citrons...

...add vodka. And maybe some fresh mint leaves for fancy-sake. Am I right? Sorry for the absence here at I'm an Outlaw, Not a Hero, but life has been, to get as many corny metaphors in as possible in one blog post, throwing us some curve balls lately. And I don't mean no Kyle Kendrick curve balls, I'm talking some heavy duty Roy Halladay curve balls, meant to break faces. And it's been these face breaking curve balls off and on, since Christmas time (this is a  5 pitcher rotation after all, ya gotta throw Joe Blanton in there every fifth day...) But enough with the corny metaphors and baseball analogies - the point is, we're getting through it as best we can. Doc and I are a pretty good team like that. Maybe someday I'll talk about the things that have been going on, but today is not that day.

But what of our adventures of late? Well it hasn't been all pity-party this and pity-party that, (though I do throw a killer pity-party), we've had some adventures, and some visitors, and those are pretty much my two favorite things that happen in our little SwitzerFrance world afterall. There's also been a lot going on in the Duggan Terrace Orchard, so I'll be updating that as well. {Spoiler alert: Nous avons des figues.}  

While we get ramped back up here at the blog, I'll leave you with some pictures of our last adventure - taking a telecabine to the top of Mont Blanc in Chamonix, France!  

{Chamonix, France from above...}

{Standing Bow Pulling Pose - in my defense, it was 2 C and windy!}

{That's the top  mon amis...}

A la prochaine friends...


  1. Ughh, it seems to be the year of curve balls (we've had our fair share as well). I have no idea what the baseball analogies amount to, but I'm glad you and Doc are truckin along and at least you've got some delicious figs to enjoy on your patio!

  2. Nice to see a new post from you. You are obviously a baseball fan. Sorry to hear you have been dealing with some of life's curves. I hope you guys are ok.

  3. Gorgeous pics, Honey! Makes me wanna take a spontaneous trip to Europe sometime!

    Hope you're hanging in there....much love to all...

  4. I hate the curve balls! I've been getting smacked with a few myself and I have to say, I prefer a fast ball to a curve ball any day!
    That said, it's nice to see you coming back :)