Saturday, January 19, 2013


As I've mentioned a few times, I spent 9 weeks in Los Angeles this fall becoming a certified Bikram Yoga teacher.

I wasn't blogging during that period because frankly, I didn't have the time. We were so incredibly busy at training that I was lucky if I got a whole 30 minutes to talk to Doc, who sweetly woke up at 4 am most mornings to call me (thank you 9 hour time difference).
Going to training was by far the most difficult thing I've ever done.

Two 90-minute Bikram classes a day in 120 degree heat (they make it hotter for training, a typical class for the public falls somewhere between 105 and 108 degrees F), living in a hotel, lectures, postures clincs and mandatory Bollywood movies that often went past 2 was grueling...

...and worth every moment.

{Backbending in Week 2}
I was also incredibly fortunate to have the most amazing roomate - we really stuck together through the nine weeks of physical and mental tests. I'm lucky enough to call her a very great friend now as well.

We also ate a lot of In 'N Out Burger...a lot of In 'N Out Burger...

I mean seriously, a LOT of In 'N Out Burger...

{And for those of you who don't know, the protein-style-animal-style-cheeseburger (not pictured) is where it's at!}
I met a lot of amazing people at training, both trainees and veteran teachers alike. Some of the Philly teachers also made their way out to support us as well, and that meant so much to me.

Being out in LA meant that once we were done memorizing dialogue for posture clinics, we were able to venture out and explore a little of Manhattan beach, which is something I also did when Doc and I were finally reunited after a total of 12 weeks apart.

Doc was able to take our last class with us, class 95 in 9 weeks, after flying in from Japan and carrying 17 hours of jet lag with him!

{Out in front of the LAX Radisson, our home for 9 weeks...}

{Celebratory beverages post graduation}

{Manhattan Beach BrewCo.}
If anyone out there in the blogosphere is aspiring to go to training in the future, I highly recommend it. I also highly recommend finding your roomate before going, it can make all the difference in the world!
A la prochaine friends...

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