Monday, January 21, 2013

Three Year Anniversary.

{Ventnor, NJ}

The last few days of our three and a half week Duggan US Tour were spent on the east coast, visiting my parents in Southern New Jersey. We walked on the boardwalk to Atlantic City, visited with the fig trees I planted in the yard before Hurricane Sandy (Update: I think they're gonna make it, but we won't really know until they hopefully bud in the spring), and relaxed with some football and old black and white movies, because frankly, we were exhausted.

I'm a good traveler, I've come a long way in terms of packing light and being able to handle long stints of living out of bags, but it starts to wear on me after about 3 weeks.
 {Mom and I}
It did however do me a lot of good to be able to breathe a little salt air, see the ocean, walk on the boards, hang out with my parents, and see how the island is faring post hurricane in the recovery efforts. For instance, the water line that is still on the side of my parents house shows that two out of the four fig trees I planted in the yard were completely submerged in flood waters. There's a lot of work still to be done for some of the local businesses and private homes alike, but things appear to moving forward as fast as is bureaucratically possible.

Just before heading back to SwitzerFrance Doc surprised me with a night in Philly to celebrate our three year wedding anniversary. 

Sushi is something that we don't get too much of in France, mainly because our close proximity to Switzerland makes the prices astronomical, so we took advantage of being able to gorge ourselves on sushi without having to take out a loan first. We tried out a new-to-us place in Old City called Zento, and it was amazing!

The sushi was great, the staff friendly, and they played old black and white Kung Fu movies on one of the walls during dinner.

After dinner we grabbed drinks at Amada, somewhere I hadn't been since my 24th birthday...

...where I had an incredible cocktail that we are definitely going to attempt to recreate at home: lavender infused gin with celery water.
We finished with scotch at the hotel bar like we did three years ago, and sipped our drinks by the fireplace, and called it a night by midnight...
...because we're old.

The following morning, before heading to the airport, we grabbed brunch at my favorite brunch place, Sam's Morning Glory, in the Bella Vista neighborhood of the city.

{Frittata and biscuits}

Until next time Philly!

A la prochaine friends...

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