Thursday, January 6, 2011


I'm not gonna lie, I made out like a bandit this year at Chrismukkah. Among my Chrismukkah spoils was one thing in particular that I feel was my one, true french bat mitzvah:

A fondue set! Cheese-y melty goodness on a stick!

Now you may say, "But Honey, that fondue pot looks strangely familiar..." Yes, readers who have been with me for awhile may recognize the sweet le creuset fondue pot, because it is of les puces fame. I scored this baby for all of 5 CHF (which, depending on the exchange rate, is about $5). Dan cleaned it up for me with a little "Barkeepers Friend" and BOOM! it looks like new. This is truly one of my all time favorite les puces treasures. However, one cannot make cheese-y melty fondue goodness on a stick without, well, sticks!

And a flame! You absolutely need a flame. And some special French or Suisse-certified metal thing to hold the flame and the pot in close proximity as to achieve perfect cheese-y perfection. It's definitely scientific a plus. All I have to say is Happy Chrismukkah to me and my cheese filled belly. Maybe next time we won't be greedy and actually invite some friends over to share...afterall, we've got 4 more fondue sticks.

A la prochain friends...


  1. Hirschauer, party of 4 (but 2 don't really need their own sticks). Put us down in your reservation book for any day, any time...

  2. I would be so excited to have found anything Le Creuset for $5!! Can I go to les puces with you sometime? I never have any luck on my own... Mmm... fondue sounds so good! Or raclette... miam miam!

  3. I have a confession to make... with all my cheese talk I do not actually own a fondue set or a raclette. I will be rectifying this in the SOLDES. (I always have to shout SOLDES hence the caps).
    P.S. were you able to buy barkeepers friend in France??

  4. Maura - You bring the biscotti, I'll melt the cheese. In fact I think we should start doing that after every future mountain run we go on...

    Kelsey - I felt like I had found a real Hermes bag for $15 in a cardboard box. I was so excited! And not showing my excitement on the outside was sooo hard! You are welcome to come to les puces with me anytime you're up by Geneva! Just let me know!

    Sara - I ALSO feel like SOLDES has to be yelled everytime - partially because of the caps, and partially because it makes me think I just won an auction. SOLDES to the young lady with the Phillies cap and beer in the back! The barkeepers friend was from our last trip to the states that we picked up at Williams and Sonoma in Philly. I haven't checked for it here though, so it could maybe be found here? It seems like its going to last a really long time so I think it's worth picking up on your next trip stateside!