Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We got our lard'ON.

We had our second installment of tartiflette night on Friday, and I'd say it was a cheese-y success! 10 people, 2 small children, 3 tartiflettes, 1 vegan tartiflette, one large salad, a galette des rois (I know, we're a bit late for a King's cake), Movenpick ice cream and some delicious homemade oatmeal raisin cookies...oh yeah, and a butt-ton of booze.

Last time we weren't sure how many tartiflette's to make, and we decided upon two...however we felt that it went rather quickly and that people were shy about taking seconds (and thirds) because of this. We didn't mess around this time - three tartiflette's were made by Master Tartiflette Chef Dan...

...and the leftovers made a fantastic recovery meal the next afternoon.

For dessert, we celebrated a (belated) french tradition: the galette des rois. As many of you may already know, at the official end of the Christmas season in France, a galette des rois is served (King's cake). The cake is usually filled with either an almond paste or an apple filling, and a small toy is baked into the cake. The person who receives this slice (and doesn't choke or break a tooth on said "lucky" toy) is pronounced King for the day (or is it week?), and chooses a partner to "rule" with them. In order to make this fair, the youngest person at the party is supposed to get under the table and tap people on the knee, and this is the order in which people are allowed to choose their slice of cake. My favorite little resident viking took to the task (with her Dad to help out), and soon a king was crowned...

[Viking hat not shown.]

Doo-dooo-dooo-doooooooooh! All hail King Marc...King of the paper gold-foil crown...

....King of the...leeks?

The night ended early for us as the majority of our dinner guests were going skiing early the next morning to various Alpes locals, but for those of us who were not, the usual happened.

We tried to defend our brains from zombies.
Until about 3:30 AM.
I actually don't remember if we succeeded.

A la prochain friends...


  1. It should be noted that the morning after Tartiflette Deux I FELT like a zombie had eaten my brain.

  2. The tartiflette looks wonderful; wish I could have some right now. How did you make your vegan tartiflette?

  3. Last night I had a tartiflette pizza. Words cannot describe how delicious it was

  4. Maura - OH MAN, you ain't kiddin' sister.

    chcmichel - For the vegan tartiflette we took out a serving-ish of the potatoes and set aside, and then did the same for the onions before the lardon was added...my friend then brought over some nutritional yeast and almond paste mixture...with some other things of her liking in it to add spicy-ness. She layered it the same way as we layered the tartiflette using an individual sized Emile Henry casserole dish. It tasted really good! I guess for those of the vegan persuasion you could really customize it however they want...

    Sara Louise - Wow! Could it be picked up, or did you have to eat it with a knife and fork? That sounds very Chicago-style pizza-esque to me!