Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mannn...Happy Birthday.

A big, happy, 2 day belated 61st birthday to my dad, the man known to many as Big Mitch. (I'm not late in wishing it, just in posting it...I'm not THAT bad.) Can't wait to hear your non-indoor-compatible-football-coaching-voice in April on the silent tram in Geneva or at the tranquil Sunday market...Mannn, Thoiry ain't gonna know what hit it.


  1. That's so fun your dad is coming to visit!! I wish my dad would come!! He has been once before and it was his first time out of the US! Happy bday to your dad!!

  2. Thanks Brenna! My parents have never left the US, nor have they flown since 1986...this is going to be interesting. I just can't wait to see my Mt. Airy hailing dad and West Philly/Overbrook hailing mom in our sleepy little village!