Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pour moi?!

Oh happy day! Not only am I still riding high after the most amazing surprise one-year wedding annviersary trip to Brussels from Dan, but I came home to receive a blogger award as well! Presented to me by my expat sista in the south of France, the ever hilarious Sara Louise from Sara in Le Petit Village, it made my day. Oh yeah, and it's the first one I've ever received - woohoo! Merci beaucoup!

As I sit here waiting for my Dan Duggan homemade chicken noodle soup to heat up on the stove (yeah, I'm still sick, but I guess spending hours in smoke-filled Delirium Cafe drinking copious amount of delicious Belgian beers and walking around tiny cobblestone streets in the cold rain didn't help either...but was totally worth it), drinking tea in my new Manneken Pis mug, and sorting through the pictures from our weekend, I have the most dubious task of passing this award onto three of my fellow bloggers. Drumrolllllll please!!!

Kelsey over at "un(e)-americain(e)" in france. Kelsey is a seattleite who is teaching english to kiddies in Northern France and traveling to cool places like Estonia, Belgium and the Netherlands. Cool!

Sarah over at Lavender and Onions. She lives in a little suisse town with her hubby and is also enjoying life-a-la-expat. She also posts super pretty pictures of her adventures, which youse know I love.

And last, but far from least, Christine from over at Christine and the Big Scary Kitchen. Not only because she's living in my hometown of Philadelphia, PA, or that she likes comics and donkeys, but also because she makes some damn good food (and is nice enough to share on her blog!).

A la prochain friends...


  1. I keep finding Frenchie blogs from Philadelphians ! How cool! Can't wait to hear about Belgium. I've never been either, and am dying to go.

  2. Congratulations on your 1 year wedding anniverssary and for winning The Irresistably Sweeet Blog Award. Very cool.

    what does Manneken Pis mean? There was a very good restaurant in Washington DC that served Belgium food and features moules frites and was named Manneken Pis. I always wondered what that meant.

  3. Brenna - Thanks! Brussels was so picturesque, and the people were so nice! Not to mention that the beer was pretty good...

    chcmichel - Thanks! It's my first blog award so I am way stoked! Manneken Pis is a statue/fountain...of a little boy...wait for it...peeing. Yes. He is standing there peeing. And sometimes he is dressed in little outfits, but still peeing. I didn't believe people when they told me about, but it is very true. We got a bunch of pictures with "him" and they'll be posted as soon as I recoup from my trip into Geneva today. But yes, it is literally a fountain of a little boy taking a wee. Crazy!

  4. So fun! Thanks, Honey! I'm in need of a little blogging encouragement these days...winter puts me in the worst funk :).

    By the way, if you and your husband venture toward Lausanne, be sure to let me know! I'd love to grab a drink. Bon Dimanche!

  5. Sarah - Absolutely! It's on our list for places to hit up in Suisse this year. Dan did a Classic Triathalon there last August, but we didn't really see anything except the race course and the Migros. :) Same thing goes for if you and your hubby ever end up by Geneva!