Tuesday, January 4, 2011

London [re]bound Part II...

Following the excitement of Borough Market on Christmas Eve Day, we spent a lovely Christmas Day at my brother-in-law's house with his family. We spent the day lounging and had a big turkey dinner with stuffing and cranberry sauce and all the delicious fixins. The day after Christmas in England is Boxing Day, so the streets were overly crowded with shoppers trying to find Boxing Day Deals. We decided to skip the shopping crowds and head towards Hyde Park for the Christmas Market and Winter Wonderland.

[Entrance to Hyde Park.]

[Smug reindeer.]

[Scary fry!]

[Bavarian Village - London.]

After exploring the Bavarian Village a bit, we came upon a haunted house...

[Scary Christmas!]

[Working on plans to plunder the Christmas Market...]

And there were pretzels...

[He's right behind me, isn't he?]


See this mug? I have been pining over mugs like this all winter season. The bigger Christmas markets give them out (with a 2€ or 2 poundish "deposit") for your drinks, and you can either return them for the deposit or take them home with you. I was so happy that they had these mugs at the market (and even happier to fill them with delicious warm beverages)!

[This ones for you Caos.]

We picked up a few really cute wooden ornaments at this little stand that reminded me of the ones we used to hang on our Hanukkah tree when I was little...

[Singing moose.]

[Roasted chestnuts.]

After getting our fill at the Christmas market we went looking for a pub to warm up in (there's only so much that outdoor space heaters can really do) before heading back to the house. The streets were crazy still with Boxing Day shoppers and because the Tube workers were on strike.

By the end of this day's adventure I had officially caught the cold that was hindering the Duggan household, so we unfortunately missed our planned sightseeing day on Monday. However, there will be many more trips to London to do sightseeing and exploring, and now I've got an idea of more places I want to see and things I want to do. Thanks to Jerry and family for being such wonderful hosts and making us feel so welcome in your home. Can't wait to come and visit youse again soon and get more hugs from my little nephew!

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  1. What's with the haunted Xmas house?? Random and scary!
    The homeboy picture with Santa is priceless. You should have it blown up and put it out every Xmas