Monday, November 18, 2013

Little Miss and Smaug the Inconsolable.

Today is just one of those days. Little Miss Oswin Jade, despite having slept like a freaking champ last night (only woke up once to eat, and at 5 am no less), has tapped into her inner alter ego all damn day today: that of Smaug the Inconsolable. (Yes, we liken our adorable little 6 week old daughter to a gold loving, fire breathing dragon from "The Hobbit." Saying she is merely small but mighty seems like a bit of an understatement when it comes to this wee little being, so a mighty dragon wrecking havoc on dwarves seemed more fitting.) 

It's been one of those days where she won't tolerate being held by anyone but me. Where her bassinet just won't due. Where only one sock is allowed. Where her Binky is her most important accessory. Where nursing and pumping are competing, rather than working as a team. Where laundry drying racks full of wet clothes fall over at inopportune times. Little miss is certainly running the show today, and though part of me is frustrated with the unmade bed, the pile of sheets that I just can't get into the washer, and the one cookie and cold cup of coffee I've managed to consume today, the other part of me is relishing the former as an excuse to bogart time with my daughter. You can hash tag that one "ALLthesnuggles." I feel bad because my parents want to help out, but sometimes babies just want their mama I guess...

{Sling by Sakura Bloom in maple}

Also of note, if my posts begin looking a little unlike my typical posts in terms of formatting, it's because it seems like the only way I can jot down my thoughts lately is via the Blogger app on my phone, and I honestly have no idea what the final product looks like. I'll eventually, at some point, hopefully before Oswin is a toddler, will get back over to my computer, turn it on, and adjust things, but for now it's a lot of one hand typing on my iPhone during Oswin's milk drunk sleep or while pumping. So apologies to my majorly OCD husband for spacing issues. :)

(Who am I kidding, it bothers the hell out if me too.)

For now I've got a little dragon's stinky diaper to change...

A la prochaine friends...


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