Friday, November 1, 2013

Thoughts on Mamahood: Three Week Edition

This new adventure of mamahood is a funny one. I've learned a lot about it (and myself) in these last three weeks, thanks to little Miss Oswin Jade.
I've learned that I'm really good in 20 minute increments. Really good. If I know that I've got 20 minutes (if I'm lucky) before little miss will need a snuggle/diaper change/to eat, I am the most productive person in the universe. Dishes? BOOM. Throw a load of baby clothes in the wash? DONE. Quick shower? CHECK. Yet, give me a full day to do one round of dishes and it still might not get done.
What else have I learned? That some days aren't going to be fun. Yesterday was one of those days. Of course it fell on a day where Doc had to work later than usual, and little miss would not tolerate her bassinet or bouncer, without a round of totally losing her merde. She's also in a growth spurt (from what google tells me), which means that she's a bit cranky and hungry all. the. time. (It's ok Homegirl, you get your angry-hungry side from your mama...) But in this month of practicing gratitude (and really shouldn't it be all the months?), I have tried to keep perspective that we at least have this opportunity to have this little person in our lives, where I know others who want the same and cannot...and on the days that are harder than others I'm just trying to remind myself of just how lucky we are to call this little girl ours.
In addition to the fact that not all days are going to be fun, I'm realizing that one bad day doesn't constitute a trend. Today, so far, in comparison to what was the merde show of yesterday, I feel like a total rock star. I've showered, done two loads of laundry, washed dishes, cleaned the kitchen (mostly), and catered to the needs of the little girl who won't be put down during the day. I need to stock up on gold stars so that on days like these I can award myself one. (Because stickers make everything even better, don't you think?)
Speaking of the little miss, she turned 3 weeks old this past Monday! Hooray girlfriend! On to week 4 I say!
A la prochaine friends...
P.S. Proud mama update: Oswin just rolled over from her belly to her back - twice! Hooray! 

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  1. Came upon your blog through Sara in le Petit Village. Congrats on the new addition to your family! I've been enjoying your posts as your Oswin Jade is a few weeks older than my Henry. I can totally relate to your experiences.