Tuesday, August 12, 2014

43 weeks.

Last week, our little miss Oswin turned 43 weeks old...

...she's getting so big, so fast. I kind of can't handle it.

It's so weird to think back to a year ago around this time, when I was large and in charge, hiding out in our air conditioned bedroom because the heat was stifling, and watching original Star Trek episodes while eating dinner in bed. I remember not being able to lie on my side because Oswin would punch me in the ribs every time I tried. And now here we are, with a little bundle of awesome that won't sit still, and is constantly trying to stand without holding on to anything. She goes straight from downward dog to standing, and then falls over.

[Practicing her, "but the puppy wants to come home with meeeee...." face.]

This Saturday also marked the first time I walked into her room and found her sitting all by herself in her crib. She was so proud of herself. 

We're also waiting on what we think will be her first tooth, as her lower gums are a bit white, and she's been gnawing on everything. Fingers crossed it happens soon, poor little dragon.

Here's to a great week 44!

Outfit details:

Bonnet // Briar Handmade
Tank // Petit Bateau (old)
Moccs // Minnetonka 

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