Friday, August 15, 2014

Great Green Unicorn.

There are some days when the love you feel for your husband rings so true that you feel your heart might burst out of your chest. The day he holds your daughter for the first time. The nights when he takes baby duty so you can catch a few more zzzs after a particularly difficult day. The day he brings you coffee and breakfast in bed...

....The day he brings you home a kilo of Jalapenos. 


Yes, you read that right.


Jalapenos in SwitzerFrance are non-existent. Finding a Jalapeno is equal to finding a tasty and spicy green unicorn. That sings acapela. With a leprechaun. On the moon. We've searched and searched for so long, but gave up long ago. We tried to grow them ourselves from seeds, and the plants grew and flowered, but no fruit. It's just not the right climate for them apparently. And we were ok with it. Sort of. We made peace with a life without Jalapenos. We can get Cayenne peppers, and the occasional Habanero, but Cayennes won't due when all you want or need is a Jalapeno. We chalked this one up to one of the things from the United States that we would have to do without, like burritos. And decent deodorant. 

But today, the stars aligned. Dan just makes miracles happen sometimes, and I praise the Gods old and new for this day. We have in our possession 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) of this ghost of a delicious memory. With the possibility of maybe getting another kilo. But that will probably be it, the fat lady will sing and we'll go back to trying to pretend that Cayennes are Jalapenos. But for now I will rejoice in this day. In the power of the great green unicorn. In the power of the great almighty Jalapeno.

I've already taken to pinterest to figure out all the things we are going to make this weekend. I can't wait. I've been wanting to make Fig-Jalapeno jam for YEARS now, and if four and a half years worth of failed sleuthing has taught me anything, this may be my only chance to make it until we find ourselves back in the United States on the regular. Dan also makes some killer Jalapeno poppers so that is a definite for the weekend's menu as well. I'd also like to pickle some, as nachos just aren't nachos without pickled Jalapenos. And maybe a Jalapeno margarita or two would be nice as well. Oooh and Jalapeno Cornbread! And and and....

...what Jalapeno recipes am I forgetting? I'm sure there are some as it's been so long since we've had them in our kitchen. Do you have any favorites you'd be willing to share? And fast, before they're all gone?

Back to pinterest for me. Happy Jalapeno Friday tout le monde!

A la prochaine friends...


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