Thursday, August 14, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Freddie on the Lake

This edition of Throwback Thursday is brought to you by Freddie Mercury. In March 2011 we took a little day trip to Montreux, Switzerland, a gorgeous town on the other side of Lake Geneva. The landscape there is unique, affording palm trees and other tropical plants a healthy existence, despite being in the Alps.

Montreux is also home to the Montreux Jazz Festival, which happens every summer, as well as Chateau Chillon, a must see for any lover of Medieval Castles.

Montreux has a lot of statues dedicated to musical legends, such as Ray Charles, but none are paid homage to as much as Freddie. His statue is not only the largest, but has the best view as well. After all, lakefront property is hard to come by.

A la prochaine friends...


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