Sunday, August 31, 2014

45 weeks: The Jumping Book Thief

DSLR cameras are awesome for a variety of reasons, except that in the age of iphones, I've become lazy when it comes to uploading pictures from an SD card. What? I can't just open the picture in a different app and share it with the masses? I have to use another device to do that?! How archaic. 

As tomorrow Oswin turns 47 weeks old, I figured it'd be a good time to finally share her weekly photos from 2 weeks ago. SD cards and life getting in the way, and such. 

Oswin learned some cool new tricks during week 45, like jumping up and down in her crib while holding onto the top of the bars. Jump jump jump. It really is quite entertaining. 

She upped her sneaky cred as well. Mama didn't give her enough credit in what she could access from inside the crib, and found that she now can reach out of the crib and pull books into it from a nearby side table. Because board books are killer good teething toys. "Le panier de Souki" will never be the same. So that was the end of leaving books on the table.  

I thought this outfit was a good one to use this week for her pictures, as we've come to the time of retiring it. It's sad but true. It's been one of my favorites, and I was so excited when my parents surprised us with it after one of their walks to Petit Bateau on their last visit to SwitzerFrance. I've been putting her in it since she was way too small for it, and now I can't believe how small it is on her. Swan song of a favorite track suit, if you will. 

Outfit details:

Bib bandana // Chicken and Charlie
Sweatshirt and trousers // Petit Bateau (Fall 2013)

A la prochaine friends...


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