Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fall is coming.

If you were in our house right now, my immense joy would be quite palpable. I'm quite literally dancing around our kitchen while I put the kettle on in preparation for a pot of smokey earl grey tea. In long pants, and a sweater...and still chilly with the windows open.

And it's grey out. Did I mention it's grey out? With the wind blowing outside, and the rain occasionally coming down.

In other words, it's my all time favorite weather. 

I can't help but be giddy. There's nothing that screams cozy to me more than this weather. I'm only a summer person when I'm about 10 feet from the beach, and that's only happened once this summer. I'm ready for the leaves to change and electrify the Jura behind us, for the wind to blow cool and to break out the pom pom beanies. To plan with Dan how many different cheese dishes we can make in one weekend. Will it be a cheese trifecta weekend - tartiflette, raclette, fondue - because I'm open to it. A chilly hike on the Jura with Oswin in the sling, and me carrying a travel mug of espresso or hot tea. Dracula clouds over the mountain while we watch horror movies from the 50's under a warm flannel blanket over Sunday brunch. Walks to the Sunday market that leave our cheeks rosy and our bellies hungry. Boots! BOOTS! Yes, this mama is ready for fall. 

Fall here in SwitzerFrance is also the time for festivals. The official start to fall for me while back in the United States was always the start of College it's the first night of the Salon des Vins in Thoiry. 


At least year's Salon des Vins I was heavily pregnant with Oswin. I'm excited to partake this year and bring home a few of our favorites, along with maybe a few new bottles of goodies. And maybe another Rolf Dieter-Heuer photo op. (He's kind of a big deal here at CERN, being the Director General and all...) 

September is also the time to celebrate the Festival of St. Maurice (complete with oompa bands and a parade of torches), the Parade of Cows down the mountain (dressed in flower crowns and huge cow bells), and the Fete de Vendage (the harvest festival). September really is the greatest here. 

And what of October? Well, this year it will be pretty special, as we'll be celebrating the first birthday of our little dragon, our little Smaug, Little Miss Magnifque, Oswin Jade. Couple that with a few special guests coming our way and a trip or two in the planning stages, and I think October is going to give September a run for it's money. 

I'm ready for apples. And pumpkin everything. Leaves carried on the wind of red, orange and yellow. Chilly nights sipping scotch on the terrace in hoodies while Oswin slumbers. Grey skies. Cheese cheese cheese. I'm so ready. 

A la prochaine friends...


P.S. In true fall fashion, prepare to be inundated with pumpkin recipes from this lady. We've got a list of favorites ready to be made, as well as a few others we're planning on trying. And maybe if we're lucky, the next installment of "Who Let Doc in the Kitchen?" He's got some killer recipes to share. 


  1. It rained here (Victoria, BC, Canada) today and I was BEYOND excited. Am eagerly anticipating fall as well. Also looking forward to hearing more about this cheese trifecta you speak of - I like the sounds of this!

  2. ooooh i cannot wait for your pumpkin recipes!! i am really in the mood for it, like my tastebuds know that fall is here and i craveeee it. last year i had a pumpkin smoothie that i really want to re-create. YUM.

    i love the fall weather too but just HATE the fact that fall coincides with school and getting back to work. UGH