Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chasse a l'oeuf; also known as Easter Sunday at Voltaire's Chateau...

[Signs leading to the Easter egg hunt in Ferney...]

Last week, Dan had heard that there was going to be a kiddie easter egg hunt somewhere in Ferney on Sunday, and we decided to check it out before heading out for a run...

We weren't sure where it was going to be held at, but we followed signs until we go to this one - yep, it was at Voltaire's Chateau. Happy day! I didn't have to peer over the wall for once, I could actually go inside!!!

[Voltaire's Chateau + egg chasers.]

[View towards the Swiss Alps.]

We got some funny looks as we entered because:

1) We were in running clothes.
2) We didn't have a kid.

In fact, I don't think the guy at the entrance was going to let us in at first, but our plan of acting like we knew what we were doing must have worked.

[Found one!!!]

[Voltaire's Chateau.]

[Voltaire's Chateau.]

[Dan at Voltaire's Chateau.]

[Holy tall hedges Batman!!!]

[Don't know why I'm posing like a 5 year old...]

[Explorer Dr. Dan!]

[The grounds at Voltaire's Chateau.]

[Family portrait in front of Voltaire's Chateau.]

[Don't think there were any eggs hidden in here...]

[The guy who let us in at the entrance must have found our presence there somewhat funny, because as we left he asked Dan, "Did you find any eggs?" And Dan replied, "Oui." To which the man replied, "Well then you get a prize!" He then threw Dan a little bag of Banania candy and he had a good laugh.
[Impending storm and Dracula clouds over the horizon as we went for our run...][More Dracula clouds.]


[Happy belated Passover and Easter everyone!]

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