Thursday, April 29, 2010

Food shopping; also known as these boots are meant for hiking...

[View to the southwest of our upstairs patio...I think it's southwest...]


On our first few days at the house, I spent my time going back and forth from cleaning, unpacking, and making trips back and forth to Migros, which is our new local supermarket. It is also in a mall. Which is 1.5 miles down the mountain. Which isn't so bad. Until you go to bring the groceries 1.5 miles back up the mountain. Granted, we are in the foot of the Jura Mountains, but nonetheless, it's still all uphill to get from the Val Thoiry back to our place, which is no small feat. The walk however makes it all worth it...

[This house is from 1660.]

[Personal vineyard.]

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