Monday, April 5, 2010

A Sunny Day in Collex...

[The Swiss Alps.]
[The Jura.]
[Trail in Ferney.]
[More Jura.]

[Collex, Suisse.]
[Collex, Suisse.]

[Neither milking nor eating cows = stone cows.]

[Dan and vineyards in Collex, Suisse.]
[Vineyards and the Jura.]

[Swiss Alps.]

On Friday, after a very busy week for the physics community at large, Dan decided to work from home, which meant that during lunch we had a chance to go for run and some wandering right across the border in Switzerland. We found this cute little town called Collex that is pretty much what I thought Switzerland looked like in my mind before moving over here in February. We found a cute little winery that does tastings on Saturdays from 9-12, and ran past some vineyards. We had gorgeous views of both the Jura and the Swiss Alps, and everything seems to be blooming. Our run didn't seem quite so long with this gorgeous scenery as our backdrop!

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